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Logging in to SW portal

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In order to ensure the operation of the system, you must first download the NCALayer program on the official website of the National Certifying Center of the Republic of Kazakhstan (

* For convenience, you can add the application to start automatically.

To log in using the Internet, in a browser, you must enter the address of the home page of the Single Window portal for export-import operations - (or New portal users need to go through the self-registration procedure by clicking on the appropriate "SELF-REGISTRATION" tab, after which they will be asked to familiarize themselves with the security policy of working in the system, and depending on the status, choose which account to enter: "legal entity" or "physical person" In the case of registration as physical person, a personal data entry window will appear, in which you initially need to select an EDS for signing (RSA file ...), enter a password for it. When registering a legal entity, it is necessary to select the EDS of the LEGAL PERSON for signing (RSA file ...). EDS is signed by the manager or the person having the right to sign. The system is integrated with the SDB "Physical persons" and "Legal Entities", therefore the information about the owner of the EDS will be automatically filled. At the same time, it will be necessary to check the e-mail address, fill in phone numbers, including a mobile, in order to receive further notifications on the status of activities in the system, as well as to determine the login and password for entering the system without using EDS. After filling in the specified information, you must click on the button "Send a request for user account" and check e-mail box (the message may be in spam folder), there should be an activation instruction and request to click on a certain link. The listed actions will allow you to go through the self-registration procedure and subsequently use the selected login and password to log in to the system. A legal entity (having a specific BIN) can be registered only once. After registration, the manager can send an invitation to those employees of the company who need to get an access to the company's personal office to work on behalf of the legal entity (view information on SAD, balances of accounts, apply for licenses and permits, certificates of conformity, classification decision and etc.). The invitation is sent to the email addresses of employees. After receiving the invitation, the employee goes through the registration procedure and enters his data, his login and password.

If necessary, the manager can deactivate the invited users.

To provide support on the work of the Single Window portal, a Telegram chat has been created that can be joined via the link:
Regarding registration and filling out the World Bank questionnaire, you can contact the State Revenue Committee by phone 8 (7172) 70-20-95, 8 (7172) 71-82-76.

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